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Project: Dibba Shipyard Fujairah

Conceptstudy for a Shiprepair yard in Fujairah

The gulf of Oman is one of the most frequented shipping regions in the world. The high density of ship traffic in this area makes it necessary to have ship repair yards there. For a group of investors we developed a masterplan for a state of the art repair yard next to the strait of Hormus. In cooperation with a German civil engineering consultant our experts analyzed the monitored vessel traffic in the area and worked out a market analysis for the local market. On basis of modern yards and contemporary yard technology, e.g. ship-lift, a site layout was presented for the port of Fujairah. With a financial analysis in the back the preview on the amount of required investment was prepared.


Our Scope of Work

  • Marktanalyse und Ermittlung des Potentials für eine solche Werft
  • Market analysis and determination potential for a ship repair yard
  • Preparation of a “Master Plan”
  • Technical specification of production facilities, equipment, and supplies
  • Technical specification for a ship-lift and a ship-transport system
  • Organization and management structure of the ship yard
  • Financial analysis, investment planning, and determination of operational costs