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Project: Berlin-Nakroma

Building of a combined RoRo-Passenger-Ferry

Timor-Leste, one of the small Sunda islands is a mostly mountain shaped country with only a few roads connecting the small villages. The development of the transportation sector was supported with the building of the Ropax-Ferry named „Berlin-Nakroma“ supported by the program of the german foreign aid. The ship is especially designed for services in the local nearshore areas. Equipped with a bow-ramp, the ferry is able to service the simple jetties or just even by beaching in one of the bay-areas. It connects the capital Dili with the western laid enclave Oecussi and the island of Atauro in the north. Our naval-architects counseled the Ministry of Transportation in Timor Leste and supported the building period of the „Berlin-Nakroma“.


Our Scope of Work

  • Consulting for the Ministry of Transport and Communication
  • Coordination of the international bidding process and selection of the most suitable shipyard
  • Construction supervision and reporting on site
  • Supervision of the conveyance of the ferry to its final destination