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Project „IDOKUSYS“

Integrated software for welding seams in full conformity with valid rules

With the software solution „IDOKUSYS“ our IT-department realized a computerized documentation system for welding seams in full conformity with valid rules. Welding instructions, weld inspection plans, welding seams profiles, welding sequences, material certificates, and measuring protocols are part of the integrated documentation system.

With the „IDOKUSYS“ system the daily documentation in diversified welding processes becomes a quick and efficient task by simply using a web-browser and the internet. All functionalities for the document management are on hand through the front-end interface. The data is provided by a relational SQL-database. Documents could be viewed, treated and changed. New documents can be attached or provided


Our Scope of Work:

  • Concept development
  • Software development and programming
  • Software implementation
  • Training of users