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Load-Out of „Borkum West II“-Substation-Topside

The substation topside with a transport weight of 2,300 tons for the Trianel windfarm “Borkum-West-II” was built on the slipway of a Bremerhaven-based former shipyard. From construction position the substation was moved on horizontal skid-rails by means of a hydraulic heavy load transport system provided by a specialized subcontractor onto a standard North-Sea barge. Maximum precision was required while moving the station form the skid-rails over bridge-beams onto the barge. A special challenge was the on-time removal of a dock-gate right before commencement of the operation. To solve this task we created a detailed 3-D-model including slipway, quays, barge, and skid-rails. For the precise positioning of the barge at the quayside we developed adjustable fenders that were installed prior to commencement of the operation. The entire load-out process then was conducted by our experienced nautical expert who took full responsibility as leader operations. Under strict supervision of representatives from the client, the manufacturer, Marine Warranty Surveyor as well as the specialized partners the entire procedure was completed after 5 hours only. The correct final position of the station on the barge finally was confirmed by all parties involved by handshake.


Our Scope of Work

  • Planning of construction support beams and load-out method
  • Full scope of engineering for the entire process
  • Concept and design for grillage and seafastening
  • Preparation of MWS relevant documentation for final approval
  • Full operational lead and responsibility for the entire process