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Final Assembly and Load-out of Jacket for Topside „Meerwind Sued/Ost“

Manufactured at the WeserWind GmbH premises “Am Lunedeich” the upper part of the 50 m high and 1,200 tons heavy jacket consisted of two segments welded together. This element was moved onto a prepared transport pontoon by means of SPMTs. The lower part of the jacket already was placed on this particular pontoon. Two shore based lattice-tower crawler-cranes then lifted the upper part of the jacket while the pontoon was shifted to the precise assembly position. Then the upper part was carefully placed on the lower part and both elements were welded together to form the entire jacket. This combination of final assembly and load-out was conducted by us in close cooperation with the client WeserWind GmbH as well as the specialized partners in all phases of planning and execution. During the 48-hours operation our team was in full responsibility on a 3-shift basis.


Our Scope of Work

  • Planning of the transport sequence for deployment of SPMTs, cranes, and pontoon
  • Determination of required cranes and planning of crane lifts including lifting gear
  • Assignment of the required proof of stability for both crawler-cranes
  • Coordination of relevant activities of all specialized partners
  • Preparation of MWS relevant documentation for final approval
  • Full operational lead and responsibility for the entire process on a 3-shift basis