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Load-out of Foundation Structures (Tripods)

The wind turbines of the windfarm “Global Tech 1” are based on tripods with an installation weight of 930 tons. These kinds of structures usually are loaded onto pontoons in rolling mode, e. g. by means of SPMTs, as this is the most economical procedure. Prior to commencement of the operation the pontoon has to be precisely adjusted to an even-keel position by appropriate ballast water pumping. On behalf of our client WeserWind GmbH our team was responsible for the planning and execution of the load-out. After consultation with representatives from client, load-out-team, and marine warranty surveyor with respect to stowage plan, ballast condition, mooring, and weather conditions the entire operation was under control of one of our experienced experts acting as leader operations. By utilizing 36 SPMT-axles the tripods were finally and safely placed on the prepared pontoon.


Our Scope of Work

  • Full scope of engineering for the entire process
  • Preparation of MWS relevant documentation for final approval
  • Full operational lead and responsibility for the entire process